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112 Operator FREE APK is another installment in the amazing operator series by games operators S.A. The game is a 112 simulator where oyu take calls from distressed poeple all over the city and the world as well depending on where you are stationed.

You as the operator have to patch the calls ot all nearby police units to help solve the problem depending on how serious it is. Choose the right units that fit the job and give them the information so that they can save the people who are in trouble. Sending the righr squad to the location is very important so that you reduce the amount of casualties that can happen in the crime.

Download the 112 Operator FREE APK from the links given below. This version of the game is completely FREE and will not required payment wehn downloading the game. Enjoy all that the game can offer you in this wonderful update to their 911 operator game. The demo doesnt even come close to how amazing this new game is. The excitement anf thrill of crime solving is more with this one compared to all previous versions of the game.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries
Minimal supported Android version
Jelly Bean – API level 16
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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