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Baahubali is an online strategy game by Moonfrog productions. It is a typical strategy game where you plan attacks with different types of troops and take over different areas of the game by defeating the army occupying it at the time. The game has been inspired by the popular Indian movie called Bahubali. You will play as the main character in the movie and have to fight off enemies and protect your kingdom. Our Baahubali: The Game MOD APK will give you a small advantage over other players in the game.

Start by training your army to become stronger so you can defeat your enemies faster. Upgrade all their abilities as quickly as you can in the game. The MOD will take care of the rest but you will have to keep up with other players or you will not survive.

Download Baahubali: The Game MOD APK from the links below. The MOD has an EASY WIN feature which will help you freeze your enemies for an easy win. Read the instructions below on how to use the MOD effectively. The MOD has been tested and is in proper working condition. Any difficult enemy can be instantly defeated with this MOD.

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Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,
Minimal supported Android version
Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3 – 4.0.4) – API level 15
Used Technologies & Frameworks

Baahubali: The Game MOD APK Features

Easy Wins – YOu will win fights very easily with minimal effort by freezing them

Baahubali: The Game

This MOD is useful in making you not lose the trophies in PVP

You have to activate freeze everything before spawning troops and command them to hit enemy HQ directly then once they reach there, turn off MOD and don’t turn it back on or else it will crash but that’s okay because when you restart immediately the battle will continue as normal.

Watch the VIDEO below to understand how to use this MOD effectively.

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