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A great flood had placed underwater the world of very old cities/people. Tiamat, the deeply emotional mother of all things, took pity on all living beings and changed her part (left over) body into new continents, mountains, and oceans. (more than two, but not a lot of) years later, new races came out/became visible in this new world, some of which were taken under the shelter of famous mighty creatures, which were treated as gods by them. Get Charge of Legends MOD APK and become invincible.

Argues against rose up from the different mighty creatures worshipped, and wars are now almost at the point of breaking out. Advance your (land area owned or controlled by someone) and defeat enemy forces! Become the all powerful enchanter and warrior in this realm wiht our mod and see how mich power you can gather.

New Age Cartoon Art Style. The core elements of the style are taken from classics animation, and are combined with modern (making things in a high-quality way) to reshape and construct a new age cartoon style! Explore a Fantastic Maze, a sneaky and dishonest (or boldly independent)like underground maze, filled with fun and challenges on each floor!

More Strategical Combinations as in charge of Old stories/famous people has 16 types of different races to choose from. Upgrade your teams to challenge more powerful enemy forces! Explore the Lost World from before the Flood. Step out on this fantastic trip, and lead your hero team to explore the truth of lost world from before the flood. Unite all races, and fight together against unknown threats!

Download Charge of Legends MOD APK froms the links below. Get Unlimited Moves and Free shoppign mods that you can toggle on and off from the mod menu in the game. Be sure to turn it off after use so the game can save oyur progress. The mod will work until the next update comes out so make full use of it now!


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries
Minimal supported Android version
Kitkat – API level 17
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

Charge of Legends MOD Features

Unlimited Moves

Free Shopping

Charge of Legends MOD APK

No root required

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