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Code Atma MOD APK in light, wisdom in shadow. Truth for all, a searcher (for something)‘s right. If you are seeing this app, you have been gifted the power of the Atma. You are the tip of our (related to computers and science) spear, a light in the bottomless pit, a final judgment in the war that (screams and acts violently) beyond the cover.

Code Atma, is created as a pipe/pathway use between the physical realities of our world and the world beyond death the world of very old stories of famous people, and beliefs many would think of/consider supernatural. This computer program uses 4G and 5G cellular network connectivity to tap into the (beautiful and clear-sounding/emotionally significant) frequencies of star-related radiation and converts them into (related to thinking a lot about what things mean to you) sine waveforms that can will allow our users to see beyond the cover.

Please take appropriate mental and physical preparation before using this computer program. The souls or Atma of the past can take on weird and ugly and unfamiliar forms. The world you will see through the lens of this computer program is one of mystery, beauty, and miserable and hopeless horror.

The Atma are all around us, and though many have been gentle for centuries, the coming together of our worlds has given the power to/permitted many like you to capture and control their powers. By downloading and using this application, you will signal to others that you have (without being forced) chose/chosen-in to the existence of the supernatural. You will be marked as an active fighter in the war your fellow Searchers (for something) have waged since the founding of our effort to begin (doing something).

Your role as a Searcher (for something) will be to (ask lots of questions about something to try to find the truth), explore, and control the powers of the Atma. Know that the Atma are born of curses, feelings of love, hate, fear, etc., and battle/tension. Each will have its own story. Many will choose to spin stories and promises of supernatural fantasy and unlimited power. You must be watchful and careful.

Do not start/work at prohibited combat with other Searchers or work at the prohibited trade of souls, gems, or supernatural interesting (old) objects. You are given the power to/permitted to (ask lots of questions about/try to find the truth about) supernatural and dimensional (weird, unexpected things) and threats, encouraged to make friends and collect the many Atma that you will meet. You are free to explore and listen to the stories of the Atma.

You are to be aware (and a little nervous) of the dangers that dimensional towers and supernatural points of interest bring, but you are free to explore and progress through them at your (ability to make wise decisions) and are to be aware of/careful of the experiences and growth of the Atma you claim for yourself. Exercise caution and strategical thinking of the future when sending out and using Atma into active combat. Think about each Atma‘s elemental and (old stories/old knowledge) big picture to suit your strategic needs

This technology is our weapon, but a weapon is only as powerful as the holder. Should you start/work at a star-related combat, hold your smartphone firmly in one hand, aim the camera directly at the threat, and maintain line of sight to your field of fight.

Send out and use your Atma to your strategical needs. Strategical star-related combat needs/demands in-depth knowledge and (development or increase over time/series of events or things) into the supernatural world. The old elemental rules and (like nothing else in the world) stories of each Atma will be your tools. Study them and use their total (of everything or everyone) experiences to your own needs.

The Asterisk Effort to begin (doing something) welcomes you, Searcher (for something). Code Atma is a mobile supernatural techno-thriller RPG, with a deep and very interesting world that blends modern mobile technology and the supernatural. All characters, story arcs, and creatures are works of fiction and are not meant to show/indicate real people, past, present, or future.

Download Code Atma MOD APK with one hit mod. This mod will increase your attacking power to be able to kill your opponents instantly on the first strike. Win all battles like this easily and ensure you are on top of the most powerful players in this game. Destro the atma with this mod easily and become a fearless warrior.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,,
Minimal supported Android version
KitKat (4.44-4.5) – API level 20
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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