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Discover The New Open World Survival Action MMORPG CrisisX MOD APK Is Your Last Chance Of Survival! The beautiful coastal town Oakport was awakened by the sudden presidential alert activated national wide. A deadly outbreak of mysterious spore infection has wiped out most of the population within a few days already, and the unknown infection keeps spreading.

People fled in chaos into the streets, soon they realized their home is turning into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, toxic mutants and zombies are roaming the city, infrastructure is destroyed, society and civilization have completely collapsed. You and your family were separated when fleeing into the wildness. Now in this devastating doomsday, you are on your own! SURVIVE is the only thing that matters! How much longer can you make it out there?

Start your unknown adventure by creating yourself a realistic self-avatar, and explore every inch of a unique wide open world with one of the largest open maps ever developed. Raid freely the cities, bunkers, and other locations full of terrifying walking dead or search freezing cold forest up in the highlands. The game mechanic restores realistic geographic and climate conditions in North America that enable you to experience different environments, landscapes, weather, and time zones. Facing plenty of unexpected serious tasks in life after the end of the world and build yourself the last shelter in this fallen continent!

Survival of the fittest! Test your survival skills, find food and water and collect essential but rare materials left from the civilized world, and scavenge resources by cutting trees, mining, hunting, gathering, and fishing to get enough leverage for surviving the last days, and maybe ruling your territory as the most powerful last of us. Because only the strongest will survive by daylight!

Exterminate crowds of mutated zombies and shoot down threatening monsters of all kinds. Each infected has a different appearance and attacking pattern depending on its mutation routes. As the last survivor, observe and use wise strategy to kill and to escape the state of decay!

And your most fatal enemies are another left to survive human players! Do not walk blind into the dead, but hold tight your weapon, be vigilant and keep your eyes open on other survivalists passing by, whether in 1vs1 battle or alliance battle. Between a loyal friend and a dangerous intruder is often only a fine line.

Download CrisisX MOD APK with Free Shopping mod from the links below. Buy all the items in the game at zero cost and build up your character. Upgrades are free as well so have fun until the next version comes out!


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,
Minimal supported Android version
Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.1 – 4.0.2) – API level 14

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