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When you’re recruited by demon hunters in Demon Hunter: Cursed Hearts MOD APK, you’re suddenly thrust into a world you never knew existed! After witnessing the death of your father, you learn that you come from a long line of demon hunters. What’s more, your mother’s locket was once the property of a powerful demon hunter and contains one half of an ancient, powerful demon known only as the Founder.

When the locket becomes damaged, only you can prevent the Founder from escaping and unleashing his terrible vengeance on the world. Can you rally three mismatched demon hunters from the Tokyo Demon Hunter Academy and eradicate the Founder once and for all?

Wataru, the self-serious captain of the demon hunters, Wataru is a man with no time for idle chitchat. Despite his fiery temper and stern demeanor, Wataru has the resolve to pull the team together. Thanks to his unparalleled discipline and years of training, he has an excellent track record of saving the day… but one tragedy in his past still haunts him. Can you break through his rough exterior and help heal the wounded soul beneath?

Junya, A man who has dedicated his life to protecting those around him, Junya has worked his way up to become the lieutenant of the demon hunters. Your childhood friend of many years, no one understands Junya quite like you. Aloof and often misunderstood, he is fiercely determined to succeed at all costs. With a burning desire to avenge his family driving him to extremes, will you stay by his side and help him find peace at long last?

Kazuki is your laid-back, goofy teammate who finds every excuse not to train. Constantly at odds with Wataru because of his carefree attitude, he struggles to find his place within the demon hunters. After countless hours of training together, you uncover a unique bond between your families that suggests your fates might be more intertwined than you first believed.

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Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5.0) – API level 21
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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