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Devil in Disguise Aleatha Romig FREE ebook is available now for download. This is a collection of short stories from bestselling romance authors who have come together to help support breast cancer awareness. As we know breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women in the world and most of the time it is because of a lack of healthcare knowledge or an inability to access affordable healthcare.

Most women in the current age can be cured of breast cancer but there always are those few of us who will not get better and will succumb to the illness. This book is a tribute to all the souls, male and female who have fought breast cancer in their lives. Download the book today and read these amazing life stories.

Anna Brooks
Aleatha Romig
Annie Dyer
Lola Finn
SE Rose
Carina Rose
Gina Azzi
Tracy Lorraine
Caitlyn Dare

Marie James

L.A. Cotton

Iris Morland

Willow Winters

Saffron A Kent

Please note these are short stories, some may end in a cliffhanger some may be happy ever after. Download Devil in Disguise by Aleatha Romig ebook in pdf and epub for all devices out there. Follow the links below and get the book instantly to your device.

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