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After a terrible accident, Freya wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Well, actually Freya isn’t even her name but everyone calls her that now. Her hair is snowy-white now and when she is scared she can freeze things. This new power has come at a huge cost that she will soon discover. She will have to pay for her power through many lives and a lot of tears, blood, and sweat. Download Dragon’s Ice Marion Artwood epub in pdf and epub from the links given below.

Saved by a mysterious stranger, she finds herself in a new reality with mages, swords, knights, and dragons, where she has to survive and find a way home. She knows her true home is in her heart but she must still get back to where it all started for her. She is the only one who knows what really happened that night and she has to tell everyone about the betrayal she faced.

And this is not easy since she pays attention to the wrong knight at a tournament without knowing his true identity and also meets with a certain piece of a prince. He is a time waster and not attractive at all. He plays his cunning tricks hoping to earn some points but ends up failing miserably.

Enrolled into the Royal Academy of Magical Arts, she finds out that both of them are there as well and refuse to leave her alone. But can fire melt a heart of ice? And can true ice bring relief to a dragon? Download the ebook by following the instructions below.

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