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Seven brothers, all waiting for their soul mates, all born with a gift that makes them unique. A gift that comes with a cost … if they use their power outside of their domain. Download Firewalker Jamie Begley FREE by clicking the links below.

Coleman Mountain. Matthew Coleman was born with the gift of fire. It dances at his fingertips. He can melt the strongest of metals, making it pliable in his hands, and scorch the earth if he gets angry enough. The power he possesses can easily destroy the planet. He knows this and he has let it get to his head.

You’d think having this gift, and with his brothers, no one could threaten them and no problem could be unsolved. Little do you know what is hidden beneath the deep family secrets. The evil the occurs behind the closed doors.

Wrong. How is he supposed to get his soul mate to fall in love with him when she’s too scared to venture out in a storm? He’s going to have to show Alanna that, with him, she can play in the rain. Because no storm, no matter how mighty, can withstand the power of the sun.

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Pages: 251

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