Download Four Gods M – Tứ Hoàng Mobile APK MOD

Four Gods MOD APK by sohagames is a new rog on the playstore. This multiplayer rpg is focused on the story of four gods who created the world and are in conflict. The awesome unreal engine graphics and long fights and interesting storyline will make this game a good addiction for you.

Fast paced online battles for huge prizes and new challenges every other week make the game a truly entertaining masterpiece. Most of the fun is in the online battles as you can never predict the moves of your opponent as oppposed to the single-player battles that become boring pretty fast.

Download our Four Gods MOD APK from the links given at the bottom of the page. This mod update comes with the God Mode and Free shopping features enabled in them. You will become completely invincible as your health will remain stuck at 100% no matter how much damage you take. You could literally just stand there for hours and you will still not die which is very useful in all battles as you can never lose.

Free Shopping mod like it says, gives you everything for free in the game marketplace. The prices of the items will show a number but when you click on the item no value will be deducted. This is useful to get all the max-rated weapons and armor from the market to max out your stats immediately. This will make you so strong that you might not even need the god mode to help you.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,,
Minimal supported Android version
KitKat (4.4 – 4.5) – API level 20
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

Four Gods MOD APK Features

God Mode

Free Shopping

Four Gods MOD APK

No root required

Install and play

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