Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes for PS4

Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes

Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes PS4 is one of the latest games on the ps4 world. The game has been getting many positive reviews and has been rating above 9 on almost every game score out there. The story is about one of the last samurai warriors on the island of japan right after the Mongol invasion. This beautiful open-world game has been set up in medieval japan and will give players one fo the best views and scenes of the magnificent country.

Train your character to be able to fight like a real samurai to save the island from the invading Mongols. The fight cinematography and gameplay make the game way ahead of its competitors and will keep it on the lead for many months to come. Get the Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes today to be able to play the game with full force.

Download the Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes PS4 from the link given below. The cheats originate from the original developer version when they need to complete the game fast to see of any glitches or errors are encountered. Most of the cheats are removed but they still leave traces behind to be able to test each version before release to make sure there are no bugs.

Players will have to update the game to the latest version for this to work and will have to turn on the mods from the pause menu for them to work. Get the codes from the links below and apply them to the game to see immediate effects. Have fun slicing your enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes

God Mode

Increased Attack and Defense

Increased Speed

Upgrade Weapons

Always Dodge

Change Time

Ghost of Tsushima Cheat Codes MOD

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