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House of the Dragon S01E03 Second of His Name has been warmly received by fans so far but the Game of Thrones prequel has been missing something. Step forward to the trailer for the next episode, which reveals a dash of family drama mixed in with the final key ingredient: a nasty, bloody battle that recalls some of Game of Thrones’ finest hours.

Fair warning: The trailer for House of the Dragon episode 3, which you can watch above, is pretty spoiled. It starts off by revealing the show has undergone another time skip about a year and a lot has gone on in the interim: Alicent is now married to Viserys and has given birth to a son, Aegon.

That, inevitably, lights a fuse under some of King’s Landing’s key players. Rhaenyra, her position as heir potentially under threat appears to flee in one moment, while tempers flare in a tense scene between her and her father.

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Length: 1:03:12

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House of the Dragon S01E03 Second of His Name 1080p

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Previously on S01e02

Six months after Rhaenyra is named the heir, Daemon occupies Dragonstone, supported by loyal City Watch guards. Meanwhile, Prince-Admiral Craghas Drahar, known as the Crab Feeder, menaces the Stepstones at the Triarchy’s behest. Rhaenyra’s suggestion to show force against Daemon is dismissed, and she is instead relegated to appointing a new Kingsguard knight. Ignoring suggestions, she chooses Ser Criston, who has actual battle experience.

Ser Otto’s daughter, Lady Alicent Hightower, continues meeting privately with Viserys; she urges him and Rhaenyra to discuss Aemma’s death and him possibly remarrying. Lord Corlys and his wife, Rhaenys, propose that Viserys unite their houses through marriage with their twelve-year-old daughter, Laena Velaryon. The Small Council learns Daemon stole a dragon egg and intends to marry his mistress Mysaria as a second wife.

Ser Otto goes to retrieve the egg, with Rhaenyra following on her dragon, Syrax. She forces Daemon to reveal he was lying before returning the egg to King’s Landing herself. Viserys announces he will wed Lady Alicent, angering Lord Corlys, who then seeks out Daemon to propose an alliance.