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After five weeks of exciting television, one of the most anticipated moments of House of the Dragon is nearly here. The show’s fifth episode featured a wedding that ended in typically brutal fashion (ah, Westeros), but the follow-up promises to break the minds of viewers in a totally different way. Episode 6, “The Princess and the Queen,” features the much discussed 10-year time jump, where Rhaenyra Targaryen, Alicent Hightower, and a slew of other characters will be aged up and portrayed by different actors. Download House of the Dragon S01E06 The Princess and the Queen 1080p 720p today.


We begin with a sweeping shot of Daemon Targaryen’s dragon Caraxes soaring over a beautiful ocean vista toward a cliffside. It looks like there could be some kind of compound or stronghold at the base of the cliff, but it’s hard to be certain.

This leads pretty well into our opening narration, which speculates over Daemon’s whereabouts and how the Stepstones have been left undefended for the past decade. It sounds like Tyland Lannister is the one speaking at this Small Council meeting

Meanwhile, Rhaenyra says it’s not Daemon’s fault, since the crown never bothered to reinforce the region. Have to love that snide little “my queen,” she slips in there at the end after disagreeing with Alicent.

HBO has released a trailer for “The Princess and the Queen” to get us all hyped up, and my does it reveal some fascinating developments. We’re going to be keeping this as spoiler-free as possible but the trailer does hint at some pretty prominent things from George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, so we’ll be discussing those. There will be spoiler tags when necessary.

Ser Criston Cole began as Rhaenyra’s protector, then killed her husband’s lover at her wedding, and now he may be on the side of Queen Alicent, who talked him out of killing himself in the Godswood at the end of episode 5. He’s seen fighting Ser Harwin Strong , aka Harwin Breakbones, noted for his strength. If Ser Harwin is now Rhaenyra’s protector, this could be essentially an Alicent-Rhaenyra proxy fight right here. Stay tuned.

House of the Dragon S01E06 The Princess and the Queen details

House of the Dragon S01E06 The Princess and the Queen 1080p 720p

Length: 59:32

House of the Dragon S01E06 The Princess and the Queen 1080p

House of the Dragon S01E06 The Princess and the Queen 720p

Previously on S01E05 We Light the Way

Returning to the Vale, Daemon murders his wife, Lady Rhea Royce. King Viserys arranges a marriage between Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor, mollifying Lord Corlys Velaryon. Rhaenyra understands Laenor’s homosexuality and proposes performing their royal duties together while having lovers; she rejects Ser Criston’s idea to abandon the throne and run away together.

Before leaving King’s Landing, Ser Otto warns Queen Alicent that if Rhaenyra becomes queen, Alicent’s children will be considered a threat to the crown. Alicent questions Ser Criston about Rhaenyra and Daemon, only to learn Criston was the princess’s lover. At a celebratory feast, Alicent enters the hall during the king’s speech wearing a green gown, the signal color for House Hightower’s call to arms.

Ser Gerold Royce confronts Daemon, claiming he murdered his cousin, Lady Rhea. Daemon denies it and demands his late wife’s lands. Laenor’s lover, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, surmises that Ser Criston loves Rhaenyra and smugly suggests they guard each other’s secrets. Conflicted over breaking his knightly vows, Criston is enraged. He attacks and kills Joffrey, devastating Laenor. Shortly after, Rhaenyra and Laenor are privately wed; Viserys collapses immediately after the ceremony. Later, Alicent intervenes as Criston is about to commit suicide.