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Here we can see three lesser characters. In the middle, that’s Maester Gerardys, the maester of Dragonstone, who we briefly met at Rhaenyra and Daemon’s wedding in “Driftmark” and then teaching Jace High Valyrian in “The Lord of the Tides.” To our left, that’s Ser Lorent Marbrand of the Kingsguard, who we met in “The Lord of the Tides. Download House of the Dragon S01E10 The Black Queen 1080p 720p free now. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH in this episode.

But not without the helmet, so he was easy to miss. To our right, that’s a new character portrayed by actor Nicholas Jones. His role has not been confirmed, but we can tell who it is: his line in the preview is essentially what Lord Bartimos Celtigar of Claw Isle says in Fire and Blood (“Celtigar urged the princess to fly against King’s Landing at once, and reduce the city to ash and bone”), and we can see crabs adorning this lord’s gold chain—crabs being House Celtigar’s sigil. If the

There is also Ser Erryk Cargyll. As Aegon’s sworn shield, this knight of the kings guard knew the prince better than most, so naturally, he decided to defect from the Greens to the Blacks before the war started. In this photo, we can see Ser Erryk offering to Rhaenyra the crown of her father, King Viserys, and his grandfather before him, King Jaehaerys

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Length: 58:43

Dragonstone Castle, Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy), 1x10 (5) (1)







House of the Dragon S01E010 The Black Queen 1080p

House of the Dragon S01E010 The Black Queen 720p

Previously on S01E09 The Green Council

After Viserys’ death, Ser Otto and the Small Council plot to crown Prince Aegon. Ser Criston kills Lord Beesbury, who protests Rhaenyra being usurped. Kingsguard Lord Commander Harrold Westerling resigns. Otto delays announcing Viserys’ death to fortify the council’s position, then coerces the House lords’ fealty. Those resisting are imprisoned or hanged. Princess Rhaenys, refusing to support Aegon as king, remains a captive.

Otto orders Kingsguard brothers Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk Cargyll to search the city for Aegon, while Alicent sends Criston and Prince Aemond. Mysaria, possibly the White Worm, tells Otto where Aegon is. The Cargylls find Aegon, but Criston and Aemond forcibly take him. Lord Larys tells Alicent that spies, including lady-in-waiting, Talya, are within the Red Keep. Alicent approves eliminating the head spy. Aegon resists being king, but Alicent persuades him otherwise.

Meanwhile, King’s Landing citizens are herded into the Dragonpit to witness Aegon’s coronation. Erryk frees Rhaenys, who enters the Dragonpit caverns. Astride her dragon Meleys, she breaches the grand hall, causing mayhem and confronting the royal usurpers; sparing them, she leaves on dragon back.