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I am deeply scared (very much) by the (things you constantly think about) crawling over my body, whether they come from within me or from outside. I go up and down between feelings of reality and unreality. I, myself, delight in my (things you constantly think about).’Yayoi Kusama is one of the most significant modern artists at work today.

This engaging self-written life story tells the story of her life and amazing/very unusual career in her own words, showing/telling about her as a (very interesting) figure and independent person artist who channels her (when you can’t stop thinking about something or someone) mental stressors into art that goes beyond cultural (things that block or stop other things).

Kusama describes the ten years she spent in New York, first as a very poor artist and later as the woman in charge of another choice counter-cultural scene. She provides an honest and touching account of her relationships with key art-world figures, including Georgia O‘Keeffe, Donald Judd, and the shy (and rarely going out in public) Joseph Cornell, with whom Kusama formed/created a close bond. In honest terms, she describes her (the time when a person is a child) and the first appearance of the (when you can’t stop thinking about something or someone) visions that have haunted her throughout her life.

Returning to Japan in the early 1970s, Kusama checked herself into a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo where she lives to the present day, newly appearing to dedicate herself with (appearing to be) endless energy to her art and her writing. This amazing and interesting self-written life story provides a powerful understanding of a (like nothing else in the world) artistic mind, haunted by fears and (extreme fear of something)s yet decided to maintain her position at the front lines of the artistic (related to people who create new, surprising, and sometimes weird things in art, music, and writing).

In addition to her artwork, Yayoi Kusama is the author of many books/large amounts of poetry and fiction, including The Hustler‘s Cave of Christopher Street, Manhattan Suicide Person (who must gamble, use an illegal drug, etc.) and Violet (something that you constantly think about/constantly thinking about something).

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