Download League of War: Mercenaries APK MOD

League of War: Mercenaries MOD APK is a well-known strategy game by MunkyFun. The game is a pvp and pve game where players will battle each other with the troops they have to try and win battles on the battlefield. You have credits that will deplete every time you deploy cards but the credits get filled over time. Continue to strategically plan your attacks and win multiple prizes when you win.

The online mode will be unlocked after you play the single-player mode for a few levels. Get used to the controls and how things work before you test your skills in the online world. See what cards have what strengths and what weaknesses to be able to quickly switch them.

Download the League of War: Mercenaries MOD APK from the link below. This new mod has the instant troop deploy mod feature. Your troops can be deployed instantly with a click without having to wait for credits to refill. Just fill the battlefield with your troops and destroy your opponent with ease.

Add 10x to your attack and defense instantly with the new mod update and become super strong and easily win all the battles you participate in. This only works for the current version of the game.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,,,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5) – API level 21

League of War: Mercenaries MOD Features

Deploy your troops instantly without time limit

10x Attack

10x Defense

League of War: Mercenaries MOD APK

Turn the mod on from the mod menu

click the link below to start your download

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