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Long Lost Lust MOD APK is an adult themed pvp fighter by nutaku. In this streetfighter/mortal kombat style fighting game you will battle anime fighters against each other for glory and rewards. Choose a starter hero and build their skills to withstand the force of the mighty fighters in the arena.

Slowly expand your team by recruiting more players and continue your battle to the finish. Each player will have a unique skillset that you can use to build your attack and defense stats. You need to find a balance of skills so that the enemy cannot find a loophole in your defense and crush you. The game is pretty self-explanatory and as soon as you start all the controls and playing style will just automatically stick.

Download the Long Lost Lust MOD APK from the links given at the bottom of the page. This mod will instantly give you unlimited money in the game as you start it. You can now use this money to get all sorts of upgrades and weaponry as well as boosts in the game to help you in your fights and to increase your odds of winning.

Get the mod now and instantly become the best player in the game. We have over 800 similar mods on our website all updated to the recent versions and free to download. Feel free to browse through the categories and download all that you need for free.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries
Minimal supported Android version
Jelly Bean (4.1.x) – API level 19
Used Technologies & Frameworks

Long Lost Lust MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Long Lost Lust MOD APK

No root required

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