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When you’re suddenly inflicted with a curse that seems impossible to lift, you find yourself thrown into a world of My Girlfriend is a Cat Girl MOD APK and wolf people straight out of a fairy tale. Your only hope of breaking the curse is to work alongside the cat girls in a little-known cafe, struggling to keep their hopes and dreams alive while seeking out the remedy for your magical affliction. Despite the dire circumstances, working with these cute maids isn’t all that bad.

The cool cat, Megumi. The calm, cool, and confident face of Cafe Antique, Megumi uses magic to control the temperature of objects. While her cold demeanor garners fans, it’s only when she’s with her closest friends that she shows her true dere side. As you grow into your new role at the cafe, will you become someone she can rely on?

The clumsy newbie, Lily. Genki and full of life, Lily is the newest addition to Antique Kitty and has the ability to create fire. Her enthusiasm makes her popular among customers, but her clumsiness and inexperience can often leave her feeling insecure. Can you keep up with her boundless energy and help her find her confidence?

The sleeping beauty, Miku. The oldest of the cat girls, Miku is Antique Kitty’s ‘big sister’ and knows all the ins and outs of running the cafe. Moving at her own pace, Miku is passionate about looking after her customers and fellow staff. When she isn’t sleeping.

She also has the ability to make plants grow, and can usually be found taking care of her garden. With such a carefree attitude, will you be the one to help her true talents bloom?

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Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5.0) – API level 20
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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