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Senior life at Mori Academy transforms in a flash when you trade places with a look-alike space princess. Can you handle a curriculum of magic and alchemy while living with three popular alien princes? Fake it till you make it, Princess! My Starry Princess MOD APK with as many premium choices you like can be downloaded now.

Sheldon Échetré, Prince of Rêverie. Erudite and regal, there’s no doubt that Sheldon is the embodiment of royalty. He treasures those very close to him, looking upon you with considerable favor. Perfection seeps from every pore, but he has a secret weakness. find out what he knows and you will understand what the story is truly about.

Piers Lionwalker, prince of Drialia. Precocious and passionate Piers personifies perfection. Princesses fawn over him on a daily basis all over campus, but there’s something special about you that has the handsome Prince captivated. Can you conquer his heart? Most have tried and failed and you might fail as well. Will you take the chance or will you run away?

Zephyr Blazeorb prince of Zephyrus. Competitive and arrogant Zephyr is calculating and thrives on his magical talents. As the descendant of fierce rulers, the cold Prince has much to prove, keeping his guard up at all times. Are you the distraction he needs to quell his paranoia? Only you can find out after entering this maze of a world.

Download the My Starry Princess MOD APK from the links given below and get an unlimited amount of premium choices in the game. Use them in any conversation or event and get good outcomes in your favor for a better gaming experience. Get the mod now and install it like any app and get started.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5) – API level 18
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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