Download Onigiri HEROES iOS MOD HACK No Jailbreak

Onigiri HEROES iOS MOD is a one-of-a-kind fantasy MMORPG set in Japan. In the vast world of Onigiri, many unique buildings and characters appear in signature places like Onigashima, Sekigahara, Kyoto, and Edo, where a unique Japanese style fantasy world awaits. The best part of “Onigiri Heroes” is that you can explore the world with other players!

Experience the exhilarating action of Onigiri Heroes by using one attack button and multiple skill buttons to build up your power. In addition, the newly implemented guard and evasion features will give you an advantage in battle. A new and thrilling adventure with this gameplay.

Decide which playing style you want before starting the game but you can change your style anytime in the game or even recruit other characters with different styles in your group. Use the powerful sake in this mod to increase your abilities and become extra powerful. Get the extra perks to easily win any battle and make the story a truly powerful message.

Download the Onigiri HEROES iOS MOD from the links given below. Get God Mode and One Hit features in this mod which you can turn on and off whenever you like. Enjoy the game with extra powers because that is always how games were supposed to be played.


Compatible with: iPhone, iPad
Requirements: iOs 9.0 or higher
Developer: 832726
Version: 1.6.0
Downloads 10000+

Onigiri HEROES iOS MOD Features

God Mode

One Hit


No Jailbreak Required

Install and play

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