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Project Breach MOD APK is a First Person Shooter Game where the player must use gadgets and play tactically to eliminate all the enemies. It is a typical fps shooter game where players can play against bots or live players on a server to see who can survive the longest without being killed while killing other players to get a high score.

The game has multiple levels to play and various maps on each sector to choose from. The areas are quite large so hunting for enemies will be a lot of fun because there are many places to hide. High-action shooting in close combat is just like your favorite shooting games with almost all the weapons you know so choose your arsenal wisely and try out every weapon to see which suits you best.

Loadout system, many guns, and classes to choose from in project breach. Multiple types of soldiers are also available to choose from with different skins. DLCs will soon be available for the game with additional content.

Participate in leaning, rappelling, and breaching buildings just like elite forces you see in movies. Destroy the enemy with force or with tactics. There is no limit to how you can play the game so experiment with it and play it how you like to. Gadgets like breach charge and flashbangs, night vision and night mode goggles, and various gadgets to use in the game.

Download Project Breach MOD APK FREE from the links given below. Get god mode feature that will make you invincible in the game. You will never get killed and all the levels will be completed by you without a scratch.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries
Minimal supported Android version
Jelly Bean – API level 16
Used Technologies & Framework

Project Breach MOD APK Features

God Mode

Project Breach MOD APK

No root required

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