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Merry knows her destiny will one day be to honor her family name through an arranged marriage. But this is Christmastime and everyone should be jolly, even if just for one night. Get Ready to Jingle Sophia Snowe epub PDF here.

Now’s the time to channel her inner wanton with a ‘Jingling Trifecta Package Experience’ at Club Top D.

Two men to play with means double the chances of hitting the big O, right? A third watching is the dark and spicy cherry on top. Hopefully, by morning, Merry will get to jingle all the way to paradise!

The moment Ivo recognizes the woman at the club, the silver fox knows that he must have her. But first, he needs to be sure she can handle him.

Will Merry get what she came in for, or will she leave empty-handed? Download Ready to Jingle by Sophia Snowe from the links given below.

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Ready to Jingle Sophia Snowe epub PDF

Author: Sophia Snowe
Size: Varies
File Format: PDF, Epub
Language: English
Pages:  114

Book 3: Train to Paradise

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