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When your loved grandmother dies under mysterious facts or conditions (that surround someone), you‘re left to pick up the pieces of her (something given to future people). But this is no regular family something valuable you get when older relatives die instead, you find yourself the brand-new owner of an old shop filled to the brim with unique and fancy interesting old objects. Shop of Forgotten Memories MOD APK  is the new game in the genius inc lineup.

Keeping the shop floating is the least of your worries, however, when you discover the ghosts of three families (expensive and important things) haunting the shop! Luckily, these spirits are here to help, and you soon find yourself depending on them for protection from a far more evil spirit roaming the halls.

With the ghosts of the expensive and important things at your side, can you find the truth behind your grandmother‘s passing and expel the revenge-loving spirit from your new home, or will you become its latest victim?

Yuuma, the serving soul. Tied/connected to a fountain pen, Yuuma reflects the sad, awkward behavior/personality of poets and writers throughout time. Even though there is the existence of his sad point of view or way of behaving, he means well and does all he can to make sure you‘re (changing to make better/changing to fit new conditions) to your new life. You soon discover that some of Yuuma‘s self-insulting is a recent development with a mysterious origin. Can you help him recognize his self-worth, or will he continue to spend too much time on his faults/problems forever?

Ayame, the Attractive and charming Spirit. Ayame is a lively and fashion-forward spirit tied to a kanzashi hairpin. Clearly say, playful, and likely to experience/likely to get punning, his very presence lights up the otherwise old and sad/dark old (thing) shop. Ayame‘s smile, however, hides his wishing to participate once more in the world of the living. Can you give Ayame a taste of what he‘s been missing and make him feel alive again?

Hakuren, the Stormy Ghost. Tied to a Temari ball, Hakuren may look the weakest and most shy of the expensive/important spirits but his fiery and prickly behavior/personality proves otherwise. His short temper seems to burn toward you especially, but you‘re unsure why. Can you encourage Hakuren to open up to you, or will the crack (or argument) between you only widen?

Get the Shop of Forgotten Memories MOD APK  from the link below and get free premium choices by freezing your diamonds so you can keep using them over and over again to get good outcomes from all conversations and encounters in the game. Install it like any other game and start this amazing experience with our modification.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5.0) – API level 18
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

Shop of Forgotten Memories MOD APK

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Shop of Forgotten Memories MOD APK

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