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Spear Hero MOD APK by royal arcade games is another nostalgic game for players to enjoy and remember the good old times. Play this cool 2D bit type game and complete level by level to advance to the next mission. Pass various obstacles and moving enemies that are there to stop you from getting to the finish line of the level.

Escape and use timing and precision to destroy any item it creature in your path and reach the boss levels where you will have to fight a huge monster that will be very strong. The mod below will ensure you never die in any encounter so be sure to get it now and enjoy this classic masterpiece on your phone in the comfort of your room.

Download Spear Hero MOD APK from the links given at the bottom of the page. This mode is fairly simple and it gives the user unlimited health or god mode feature. You can never die even if you fall into the pits or fire and will remain burning or falling until you restart or if you’re able to climb back up then you can just continue the game.

The animals and evil creatures will also not be able to cause you any damage. They will just bounce off you and will go the other way repeatedly so you can just time that can kill them in your own style.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,
Minimal supported Android version
Jelly Bean (4.1.x) – API level 18
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

Spear Hero MOD Features

God Mode / Unlimited Health

Spear Hero MOD APK

No root required

Install and Play

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