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Stay Alive MOD APK is a well known zombie survival game by dokoli paroli limited. This survivalist game is based in a 3d post-apocalyptic world that has been infected with a dangerous virus that causes dead people to come back to life in a zombie form. You have to survive in this world with no necessities or basic support items. Find all these items from the ruins around you and live another day. Collect weapons and food items from the environment and protect yourself against the elements to survive in this dangerous world.

Items in the game can be used to craft other items and weapons. Like legos, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Polish your items to keep them in good condition so you don’t get killed easily. Other players will also be on the map with you trying to survive so you have to look out for these people as well because not everyone will be friendly.

People have a lot of supplies so are the first targets for many players to be able to get a lot of items in a short time.

Get the Stay Alive MOD APK from the links provided below. This latest mod update has an unlimited ammo mod feature that has been enabled from the start of the game already. The ammo in the game will always be maximum and will never decrease so there will be no reloading as well.

Use this amazing feature to survive in the wilderness and all you have to do is to take care of your gear and weapons. Find cool weapons and have unlimited ammo without taking up any space in your inventory.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5) – API level 21

Stay Alive MOD APK Features

Unlimited Ammo

No reload

Stay Alive MOD APK

Install and Play

No root required

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