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Things are going great for Adriana. She has finally found a place to feel happy and safe. It all changes when she stumbles upon a wounded stranger in the swamps. Download The Equinox Queen RSS Rodrigues epub pdf now!

Born in the Victorian era in the picturesque British countryside, Adriana works as an assistant to the eccentric doctor Bartholomew. Following her passion for science and exploration, she often wanders the marshland, until an unexpected encounter challenges her perception of the world and her own past. A messenger from the Realm of Fairies, the mysterious and dangerously handsome elf Amredyll, summons her to fulfill a sacred duty.

Will she find the strength to confront an ancient curse? Should she follow her heart or her mind? She will have to make up her mind before the arrival of the dread they have been fearing.

The standalone fantasy romance The Equinox Queen is a book about love and choices. Choices that all of us have faced, or will face eventually. The only way is for her to face her fears and make the decision.

The epic visuals, the sweet romantic moments, and the riddles will touch the hearts of those craving slow-burn romance, mystery, and adventures in the magical lands of the fae. Download The Equinox Queen RSS Rodrigues in epub and pdf for all formats

The Equinox Queen RSS Rodrigues ebook info

The Equinox Queen RSS Rodrigues epub pdf

Author: RSS Rodrigues
Size: Varies
File Format: PDF, Epub
Language: English
Pages: 36

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