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The Rondo of Oblivion MOD APK is a new interactive novel by genius inc. The game is a simulation about a huge manor that makes all your deepest desires come true. The manor is filled with all kinds of pleasures and dangers and can even kill a person. Will you be brave enough to survive this?

Try the game with our mod below and see how far you can make it. Interact with many of the manor’s residents and collect clues and other information that you will need to escape the manor to your freedom. The game is fairly simple and straightforward and has one of the best stories from genius.

Download The Rondo of Oblivion MOD APK from the links at the bottom of the page. This new mod update comes with our free premium choice mod feature that lasts from the start to the finish of the game on every conversation requiring choices. As you know premium choices cost diamonds or other currency and give good outcomes to conversations leading to the story moving in your favor. You have a limited number of premium choices normally after which you have to wait for days or buy them with real money to be able to use.

We have bypassed that and will let you use premium choices for free as many times as you like so you can finally enjoy these amazing interactive games as they were intended to in the first place. Be sure to download it as soon as you can and also check out the rest of our 1000+ mod library for any game that you may like.

New MODs are added EVERY DAY on our website so be sure to tune in soon for more!


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries
Minimal supported Android version
Jelly Bean – API level 16
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

The Rondo of Oblivion MOD Features

Free Premium Choices

The Rondo of Oblivion MOD APK

No root required

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