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Have you watched episodes of TV series or read books and imagined yourself as the main character where you make your own choices? With Whispers: Choices MOD APK Interactive Romance Stories. You are the main character of the story! Choose from different decisions and enjoy the stories of each episode in this interactive story game. One choice can change everything!

Choose between different stories: romance, LGBTQ, teen, adult, sexy, sexual desire, or drama series! Whispers combine a (like nothing else in the world) style ofchoose your own story gameplaywith a rich story and an amazingly very interesting romance fun trip!

You get to make the choices and decisions in each chapter. Decide on hard life choices, such as starting a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, discovering friends(forbidden in society) secrets, or kissing your true love! Make your decisions throughout the pages and pages of interactive stories!

Customize your symbolic picture: choose your (male/female status), dresses, and beautiful hairstyles, and then start your fancy love trip! Enjoy different (types of writing or art) from our constantly growing collection of interactive stories with weekly chapter updates, including romance, drama, suspense, gay, lesbians, LGBTQ+, high school, naughty, comedy, and all kinds of interactive stories!

Meet girls and guys in this story game and develop relationships with your favorite characters Will you be friends, lovers, or enemies? You will be able to choose the romance (the) unavoidable, already-decided future! You are in control inside very interesting visual stories! Every choice can affect the whole fiction novel: Maybe you will choose to kiss him, leave him, or kill him. You choose your story. Beautiful characters and scenes provide a very interesting experience of dating games!

Which chapter of interactive stories will you start with? Whispers: Choices MOD APK is available below with free premium choices and unlimited free outfits.

A world-famous dance competition and TV reality show waiting for, with your crush and idol as your respected teacher! The competition will be hot and hungry. Will you flirt with or (deliberate destruction of, or harmful interference with, something important)? Will you end the performance kissing or falling in love? In this love story, you can roleplay as a girl or a guy, and there are four perfect lovers waiting for you to pick.

Your life is turned around after watching (as it happens) a mob murder, but with the trial months away, how will you survive until the trial and manage a new life, sexual representatives/sexual relationships, secret messages, and demons of the past that are out to get you?

Your career takes a turn when the paper you write for is bought out by a sexy, puzzling stranger. Are the (stories that may or may not be true) about his most in control/most common kinks true? Submit to his will and keep your job or rebel inRefusal to cooperate

A deal with the Devil himself lands you in the hottest strip club in Vegas, where the sex-related challenge waits for. Do you have what it takes to reclaim your soul and flirt with The Devil‘s Son? You know you‘re going to die and then your world turns red. Being a vampire isn‘t what you expected. You need to learn fast and trust no one. You‘re still being hunted.


Package name
Supported ABIs
Native libraries,
Minimal supported Android version
Lollipop (5.0) – API level 21
Used Technologies & Frameworks
Unity 3D

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